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A M Radio


"We Are The Voice Of The Independent"


Nate is Station Director for A M and For.ay Radio "the edgy side of creativity" (coming Soon) a radio platform spotlighting creativity in music, and motivation. A M Media-Online represents all media branches of A M Ministries (Radio, TV, Publishing).


promoting Independent artist and multi-genre format, playing current hits and feating throwback Thursday smooth jazz Friday and gospel Sundays. Spotlighting new voices 24/7


Am Media began as a radio show, independent voices a take-off on our motto we're the voice of the independent, where Dr. Anita played multi-genre music submitted my independent artist around the world. The Show gained a large following and received exposure from its relationship with the indy Bible. Receiving hundreds of submissions monthly and realizing other independent artist had the same questions "After writing, recording, mixing and preparing a radio-ready project how do we get airtime? When Dr. Anita realized that the need was greater than the one hour show would provide we decided we found a need that we could fill And A M was created to spotlight great music from unknown artist. 


After playing their music and ecualting their submissions we realized there was another need "promotion". So many knew little to nothing about the professionalism of there submission, we launched Ammy Members only to aid in providing a professional presentation for their hard efforts. providing electronic press kits, professionally written traditional press releases, producing websites and web pages and promoting independent artist through featuring their content on the (Wall) as well as on our facebook wall and twitter feeds advertising. Developing a place where we're helping the independent artist accomplish their goals. 


A M is committed to our mission because we know that creativity is vital.



Our Magazines are an extension of our promotional efforts and further, the creative outlet of our writer's, photographers and publishers, graphic artist, the magazines were launched so that you could see and get to know the independent voices that are being spotlighted more coming soon.

AM on the air
For.ay Entertainment Radio

For.ay Entertainment Radio was created to provide an outlet of the atrist whos's projects didn't fit the critirera  of A M Meidia's-Online format. For.ay the edgy side of creativity  coming soon.

For.ay Entertainment Radio

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