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Born: Nathaniel Grant in Los Angeles, California, USA


Nate is not your ordinary recording artist. In fact there is nothing ordinary about this dynamic young man who is a whirlwind of talent, energy and enthusiasm. His extraordinary music appeals to people from all walks of life, ethnicity's and nationalities, from people who love jazz, R&B, pop, hip hop, dance and soul music. He is devoted to people who appreciate good musicianship, thoughtful lyrics and songs that speak to the heart. This sophisticated young man is definitely on the way up and ready to give you the very best that he's got. 


"I come from a family of great music appreciation. I was intrigued with entertainment at an early age. Growing up in a single-parent household I had all the time in the world to watch television. I was constantly exposed to every commercial, every theme song... you name it! When it was all said and done I was singing it or dancing to it." 


While growing up, Nate (Singer, Actor, Model) started honing in on what really peaked his interest. "I would say it began with my Mom who was always playing music in my early years. However, the biggest impact on me musically were friends of my mothers who sang in a trio. The first time I heard them sing I knew I had to be in a group." 


Singing and performing with countless groups for producers and A&R reps, and getting nowhere, Nate eventually left California and moved to Texas. Nate says he was stuck in group mode, and continued as usual by putting together another group for a record deal with a label out of Washington D.C. The deal fizzled and the group fell apart. Nate realized he could put in the same effort and energy that was being used for a group into himself. "Oh, going solo was a very hard move for me. Truthfully, I knew I could sing, but actually going solo was another story." 


Shortly after the break up of the last group, Nate was introduced to Chris and Peter Wiggins (the Wiggy Boyz) of Tri-1 Records (Recording Studio). These two exceptional producers from the Virgin Island's recognized the potential in Nate for something great. "That's when things started to happen."


Now entering into Entrepreneural mode Nate is Co-owner and Station Director of, my Mom and I own the station together, she heads up our Gospel station (AMMedia-Online Joy Comes Gospel), and I am working with the "Pop" side of things. Our station is focused on assisting the Independent Artist to reach their goals."



  "We Are The Voice Of The Independent - We know that Creativity Is Vital"


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